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Can VisAdvies help me design a fish passage?

Yes, VisAdvies can help you from A to Z in designing a fish passage.

Do you also fish waters?

VisAdvies has fished several waters in the past. VisAdvies has the experience, knowledge and materials to make your water fish-free quickly and effectively. We can also catch specific species. The caught fish can be transported in a safe and fish friendly environment to another habitat. The execution of the work is often customized and is always determined in consultation with the client.

What possibilities does VisAdviesAMF offer me in terms of PIT telemetry data?

VisAdviesAMF is a data platform where all PIT telemetry is collected. The advantage of the AMF is that data is already processed and the data is secured on a daily basis. We do this by connecting external internet modules to the readers, which collect the data and send it to our cloud. As a customer you can access your stations and view your data in real time. This eliminates the need to go to your readers to access your data. In addition, the AMf generates some graphs, visualizing the results immediately. For more information, visit or contact us.

What does PIT telemetry offer in the field of ecological research?

In the case of ecological monitoring, VisAdvies uses the technology to identify individual fish we are tracking, to understand their movements to help unravel the population dynamics of a particular group of fish within a given system.

Is it possible to monitor different kinds of animals than fish with PIT telemetry?

Yes, you can monitor different species with PIT telemetry. VisAdvies is specialized in building PIT systems and can also assist in non-fish related research where PIT is used. Examples are research on the distribution of lobsters, nesting boxes of bats or birds. PIT tags are also used to identify pets.