Follow-up 2017 Kolbäcksån River (Sweden)

Follow-up 2017 Kolbäcksån River (Sweden)

In the Kolbäcksån River (Sweden) upstream fish migration was for more than a century blocked by a hydropowerstation (Västerkvarns Kraftstation). Now in 2015 a fish pass near the hydropowerstation was constructed. The County administration board of Region Västmanlands län and Malarenenergi vattenkraft AB requested VisAdvies in 2016 to monitor the fish pass. This year, in 2017 the project is followed-up. A few adaptations to the set-up are made and the monitoing is ready to take of.


The fish pass is a vertical slot with a head of 2,6 m with 17 double slots. The maximum discharge capacity is 800 l/sec. In the inlet of the fish pass is an automated fish counter installed. The dimensions of the counter tube is limited, so only a part of the discharge will pass through the tubes. The surrounding area is closed with fences to prevent fish to swim around the counting tubes. The monitoring started in the end of March 2017.

Results 2016

Last year Salmonidae sp., European Chub (Squalius cephalus), Common Bream (Abramis brama), Asp (Aspius aspius), Ide (Leuciscus idus) have passed the fish pass. Hope this this year the number will increase.


Evaluation Fish pass 2016